• Analysis / Audit

    We analyze market needs, we create specialized documentation. We are looking for optimal solutions.

  • Dedicated systems

    Invoicing and human resource management systems, supporting the daily work of companies.
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  • Help / Counseling

    Post-implementation support and also a service of informatics systems.
    Counseling, training.

Some realizations

  • Did you know, that 88%…

    customers extends contracts with us?

  • Interesting facts

    • there are 138 millions registered domains
    • 94% of people looks only at the first page in Google
    • 70% of companies are present in social media
    • 99% use social networking sites
    • $100 million each on advertising on Google
    • 60% of companies use content marketing
  • What our customers say

  • We don’t judge, don’t generalize, we don’t smother dreams.

    We meet, we ask, we analyze and pass feedback.

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